Prime Time : The best new makeup primers for oily skin

October 25, 2015

Having oily skin is a blessing and a curse, it always looks plump and healthy with a natural glow but having your makeup stay in one place throughout the day is nearly impossible and a matte or velvet finish to your skin is completely out of the question.

Primer creates a barrier between your moisturizer and foundation which helps your makeup sit well and not be disrupted through the day with oil break outs. If you have super oily skin like myself no primer is going to stop your skin from being oily it will just help your makeup from becoming patchy by your 11am cup of coffee.

Here the best new primers for oily skin:

Marc Jacobs Invisible Undercover Face Primer $62.00 available from Sephora Australia

Containing coconut extracts this is a very dewy primer it doesn’t matte the skin up at all it is more a barrier between your skin and your makeup. I love this for the warmer weather, it helps my makeup look great without trying to create a matte barrier.

Red Earth Prime Perfection Mattifying Makeup Base $28.00 available from Red Earth

If you are a fan of a heavy foundation like Estée Lauder’s double wear this is the perfect primer for you, it applies as a thin matte veil which is why a heavier foundation works well on top of it.  This is also a great primer if you work in an office for 8 hours a day in air conditioning and you just want your makeup to last till your 4pm meeting.

Givenchy Acti’mine Makeup Base SPF 15 $58.60 available from Feel Unique

This primer works magic with colour correcting if you are wanting to even out  your skin tone before applying foundation. There are 6 primers in the range which help with different skin concerns from redness and pigmentation to dark circles, They all apply in the same way, a sheer layer which gives glowing skin, you will need to wear a foundation on top of these primers as they do give some pigment to the skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer $13.95 available from Priceline

The most affordable primer on my list, I love this Rimmel Stay Matte Primer for any time I need really long wearing makeup. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or for a night out dancing, this will make your makeup last the distance. Not the best for a casual light makeup look as it is quiet heavy-duty.

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner $30.99 available from Priceline

If your oily skin is prone to making you break out then this serum would be a great option for you, packed with skin care benefits it targets the oil-producing glands in your skin to stop oil production.

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