ORLY smartGELS mani kit DIY at home review

June 19, 2015
orly at home gel system light manicure review beaute gazette

ORLY smartGELS starter kit $79.95, smartGELS LED lamp $99.95 and smartGEL colours $23.95 available from www.orlybeauty.com.au

The rise of the long-lasting gel mani has reached fever pitch, if you have not heard of tried a gel mani then where have you been hiding? Under large nail polish shaped rock?!?

Orly have recently launched their new smartGELS kit which comes with (the light and colours are sold separately):

  • Cleanser 1.7 Fl Oz / 50 mL
  • Primer .18 Fl Oz / 5.3 mL
  • Base + Top .18 Fl Oz / 5.3 mL
  • Cuticle Oil .18 Fl Oz / 5.3 mL
  • Remover 1.7 Fl Oz / 50 mL
  • Pocket Removers 20 pk
  • Lint Free Nail Wipes 20 pk
  • Pusher & Remover
  • Mini File/Buffer

I asked my flat mate Nat if she would be my nail lab rat and test the smartGELS, she of course said yes because who turns down a free mani? NO ONE! The whole process took about 20mins all up and would be great if you needed a quick manicure before you needed to head out for an evening event, especially because there is no dry time required hallelujah!

Because of the 2 week lasting power of gel polishes we decided on ‘Red Flare’ a classic wine red which would go with most of Nat’s outfits for the next week or so. The polish apply very patchy on the first layer and was a little tricky to stop it from flooding the cuticle so clean up was needed using a toothpick to wipe out any misplaced polish. The second coat did even out the polish but it was still hard to keep it from flooding the cuticle and there was a small amount of shrinkage at the tip. Keep in mind this was our first attempt and in time I am sure it will be easier to stabilise the polish when applying it but if  you are a nail polish perfectionist you might want to practise on a friend before attempting you’re doing your own nails. Once Nat’s nails were cured to perfection using the ORLY 30-60 seconds led light we both noticed how thin the polish was on her nails, there were no bumps and it didn’t feel like she was wearing a thick layer of gel on her nails which can happen when trying to apply gel nails at home.

If you are currently addicted to getting salon gel manicures and are good at painting your own nails then this is an awesome kit to own, it will save you money and time diy’ing your gel mani’s at home too. Why not have a gel mani night and get your girlfriends to come over and you do their nails whilst you watch rom-coms and eat chocolate? Sounds like the best girls night in ever!

orly at home diy gel nails mani review beaute gazette

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