Best brow products for blondes

September 10, 2015
best brow products for blondes

blonde brows

Brows products for blondes are few and far between which makes no sense because there are such a broad spectrum of blondes you can be. My hair has been every shade of blonde you can imagine so I have accumulated a mass of brow products to match my brows to whatever tone of blonde I am at the time. If you are blonde and  have trouble matching a brow product to your skin and hair then hopefully this will help you out.

MAC Omega single eye shadow $33.00 and Eye Shadow x 2 with Omega and Charcoal Brown palette $62.00

MAC Omega eyeshadow is the holy grail brow product for blondes, you can never build it up to be too dark on your brows. It is neutral and has just the right balance of ash and warmth so your eyebrows look perfected and natural. I have it in a single shadow and in a palette with Charcoal Brown which I used when I was a much darker blonde than I am now, this would be perfect if you have naturally darker hair and have had some balayage lightening to your hair.

Eylure defining and shading brow pencil in blonde $11.90 

This pencil is the best affordable blonde brow match I have found, it is slightly warmer than MAC Omega but works well to give a little extra definition to the tail of my brow if I have already filled them in with Omega. It is a very easy to use brow pencil which isn’t too hard and stabby.

MAC Brow pencil in Fling $30.00

If you are very very light  blonde I am taking an all over high lift bleach blonde this is the brow pencil of your dreams, it gives you the most polished and perfect brows. The only thing I found when using this pencil was it was a bit hard and waxy and I needed to warm it up on the back of my hard to soften it before drawing on my brows.

Blinc Brow Mousse in Medium Blonde $35.95

After filling in your brows sometimes they can look a little flat so I like going in with a brow mascara to make the little brow hairs stand out a little more. The Blinc Brow Mousse is great, it gives fullness to the brow hairs giving your brows a more natural look, it comes in 3 shades of blonde so there is no doubt a match for you.

Maybelline Brow Drama in brown $12.99 

This was the first in the affordable ‘drugstore’ coloured brow mascaras, I have gone through countless tubes of this stuff I love it for quick easy brows. Combing a bit of this through my brows before running some errands or going to the gym is perfect. If you are looking for a fuss free easy brow product this is for you.

1000 Hour eyelash and brow dye kit $18.99

Blonde brows can be a little hard to shape because the hairs are so light, I tint my own brows at home and then tweeze any hairs that are out-of-place, it also makes filling them in a lot easier because the shape is more defined. A trick when tinting is that the longer you leave the dye on the darker they get so I only leave the dye on for 8mins instead of the recommended 1o because I don’t want them to go too dark.

May the blonde brow force be with you, let me know in the comments if you have any other blonde brow recommendations


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