August beauty & skincare favourites

September 9, 2015
August favourites beauty and skincare

The end of August means Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, my beauty routine and fave products have been simplified lately and are a lot more fuss free. I’ve been reaching for nourishing products rather than quick fix or products that mask a problem. Here’s what I couldn’t live without during the month of August.

TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush AU$36.00

These blushes have been making my cheeks sweet and rosey all month-long, they are super pigmented and apply evenly no matter what your skin is up to underneath. The colour range is phenomenal and I just can’t stop adding new colours to my collection. Top colour picks are Blissful,  True Love and Tipsy.

TARTE Contouring Brush $48.00

Contouring is not my beauty forte, I am absolutely hopeless at it and not sure how this brush is meant to help in the process, but what it is great at is blending out foundation and concealer. The brush hairs are synthetic and blend foundation like a dream, the stiff shorter haired end of the brush is great for blending out foundation around your hair-line. A two in one brush is much more cost and space effective if you like me seem to have a makeup brush obsession which is taking over makeup storage and draining your bank account.

Aveda StressFix and Shampure Composition Body Oil $49.00 each

2015 has been a stressful busy time to say the least which has meant the time that I have to chill out and relax needs to be tranquil, to help create the best atmosphere for this I love using fragrant oils in a few different ways. The Aveda composition oils smell like heaven, a few drops in a humidifier helps fill the room with the scent or if I am not at home just rubbing the oils into my temples and the insides of my wrists which if I am out and about gives me an instant relaxation fix.

Dermalogica AgeSmart Super Rich Repair Moisturiser $117.00

This super rich moisturizer which I have sadly finished was the best night moisturizer I have used in a long time, applying it over serum it traps in moisture and my skin always felt super soft the morning after using it. It is part of the Age Smart line but anyone in need of some rich hydration can use it, it’s also a great one step product for someone who is a bit lazy with their night-time skin care and needs and all in one product.

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water $9.99

I am a massive fan of cleansing waters to remove makeup and any dirt that is on the skin’s surface at the end of the day. After removing makeup with a cleansing water and cotton round I secondly use a cream cleanser which I message into the skin for a deeper cleanse. Removing makeup with a gel or cream cleanser can clog your pores and just rub makeup into any existing blemishes making them even worse or spread bacteria over the skin. Also there is no point spending money on a good cleanser if it cant actually get to the skin to impart any goodness, the cleansing water frees the skin so a good cream or oil cleanser can work its magic. Sukin’s Micellar Cleansing Water works amazingly at removing makeup and clearing your skin’s surface ready for the next step in cleansing, it is under $10 makes it even better.

Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme Crayon $32.00

As a woman who has a lipstick collection of over 150 colours, when I continually single one out to wear I know its gotta be a fave. The Bite formula is incredible they can be dabbed and blended into the lips to wear as a stain or applied heavily to give bold colour. The matte lip crayons are the least drying/most nourishing matte lipstick I have tried.

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Hand Cream $22.79

Good riddance winter and my horrible dry skin, I am so over dry skin especially dry hands. This mini travel sized Dr Jart+ Hand Cream has been within arms reach for the whole of August, it is nourishing without being sticky. I love this little lemon coloured tube of hand moisturising goodness for keeping my hands less like a zombie more like a lady over the cooler months.


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