Summer Feet : Milky Foot Review

November 8, 2015

311995_xlargeMilky Foot Exfoliating Foot Pads $29.95 available from

*Warning this post contains really gross images of peeling feet*

Let me start this post by saying I don’t have gross witch fee or anythingt but over winter I have neglected my feet by stuffing them into boots and not grooming them as much as they deserve. Milky Foot seemed like some kind of foot miracle so I decided to try it out after reading a couple of reviews online, here’s what happened.


I cram my feet into the medium size Milky Foot bags, I’m around a size 8 0r 9/39 and these just fit me, it would have been more comfortable in the larger size. The instructions say to have your feet on a flat surface, so after taking this instagram I put m feet flat on the ground and watch 1.5 episodes of Scream Queens for a total of 1 hour then I rinse my feet. They feel super clean but nothing has happened, no skin falling off.


Is this some kind of a hoax, I just spent $29.95 on plastic socks filled with chemicals…..what a joke. But my feet are incredibly itchy so something must be starting to happen.


OMG the skin on the bottom of my feet is starting to flake and peel off, between my toes is incredibly itchy and I have to wear socks to bed because the dead skin catches on my sheets. GROSS. The best way to get the dead skin off is to rub my feet vigorously with a dry towel after a shower, this tends to get the best results. (I can’t bare to put a photo of my feet in this state on the internet, it’s too disturbing.


Actual large-sized pieces of skin are peeling off my feet, I had to take a long shower and use exfoliating gloves to really work off the last of the dead skin on the bottoms of my feet. This is actually happening I cannot believe it. The itchiness has stopped but I am still wearing socks to bed because otherwise it is really messy and I wake up covered in dead skin.



My toes and the upper part of my feet has started to peel, I am so over this / when is this going to end. On the plus side my feet are looking and feeling amazing where the skin has peeled  off.


It’s about 32 degrees today and I would really like to be wearing my K Jacques sandals but no I have to wear trainers because my feet are still peeling. Its gone from looking like a really bad fungal infection to a recovering a chemical burn look on my feet.


The end is in sight, there is still a small amount of peeling on the top of my feet but its manageable and when moisturised almost unnoticeable.


My feet feel and look amazing, a week of peeling hell was totally worth this result. It would be best to try Milky Foot before Summer because on days 3,4 &5 you are not going to want to have them out in public and it will be too hot to sleep in socks.


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  • Reply Rosa November 30, 2015 at 5:50 am

    OMG this is totally not as bad as I thought it would be. Im considering trying this out

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