Faux Glow : The best instant tans

November 16, 2015

Gradual tans and spray tans are fantastic but you have to be an organised person to make them work for you, I’m not. My go to tanning products need to be 100% instant!

The usual timeline of needing to fake tan goes something like this:

3.30pm at work: Phone call from bestie ‘You know we have that cocktail party for (Insert brand here) at 7pm tonight’

6.15pm arriving home: Oh shit I haven’t even shaved my legs let alone tanned, shaves legs puts on go to trusty go to cocktail dress, aghhhhhh my legs are so pasty. Applies instant tan to legs and any other exposed skin.

6.45pm: Sprays massive amounts of dry shampoo to hair and books uber to cocktail party.

This scenario has clearly happened way too many times and I have tried my fair share of instant tans, here are my top picks if you are like me and leave tanning to the absolute last minute.

Naked Tan Goddess Instant Tan $28.00

This is a great instant tan, you do need to take your time rubbing it in to make sure it is completely even but when applied it give the look of a professional spray tan, and lasts perfectly until you shower. It smells quite strongly of frangipani’s and holidays which masks the usual tan smell.

Sportsgirl Metallic Body Glow $12.95 Frosted Bronze Me $14.95

Need to get your J-lo glow on? The Metallic Body Glow is super shimmery and would be perfect for adding a little shine if you’re wearing a crop top, the Frosted Bronze Me powder is great for matching your neck and chest to your face if you are going for a super bronzed makeup look. I used a huge fluffy brush with this and work in the product using circular brush strokes.

Perfekt Liquid Gold Illuminating Perfector $32.oo

If you want Victoria Secret model legs then this is the secret weapon you need, it is super moistursing enhancing the look of the body leaving a silky smooth golden glow.  Blur technology filters minor imperfections and visually enhances muscle tone and texture.

Fake Bake Faux Glow Instant Tan Spray $25.00

I love an instant tan in a spray bottle, I can apply this product in under 5mins before rushing out the door. Fake Bake is an amazing brand, my favourite thing is the colour, they aren’t orange at all.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion $26.95 

If you have spider veins on the backs of your knees like me then this will help cover them in summer when its too hot for stockings or jeans. This is a very natural looking product which would be perfect for applying before a day at the office or anytime you need cover the imperfections on your legs.

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