Face Wipes : Luxe v’s Low-end Cetaphil and Ole Henriksen

July 16, 2015
face wipes review

Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths Brightening $22.00 available from www.sephora.com.au


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths $7.49 available from www.priceline.com.au

Face wipes are a bit of a skin care taboo in the online beauty community with Caroline Hirons denouncing them as a total no-no for anyone who takes their skin care seriously. For me there are 3 times which face wipes are legitimately the best and only option for getting your make up off:

1. When you are sandwiched in on the middle seat in economy class on a long haul flight.

2. To remove your base (not brows!) makeup at gym before sweating it out.

3. Camping at a festival, even if you’re not wearing makeup a little face wipe will make you feel like you have taken a shower and feel clean even when surrounded by mud and gum boots.

So if you are serious about your skin care do you need to pay the big bucks for face wipes?

The Ole Henriksen wipes smell amazing are quite wet with cleanser which makes getting any eye make up off, and they remove foundation very easily. They are the same thickness and texture as less expensive wipes so nothing luxurious on that front.

Cetaphil’s new gentle face wipes are $7.49 which is very inexpensive in the face wipe market making them accessible for a younger more budget conscious customer. They have no scent and get foundation off easily, but are less wet than the Ole Henriksen wipes and I found removing eye makeup difficult needing more moisture to loosen it. These would be perfect to pack if you were going to a festival, if you needed to use a couple extra then it would be no big deal because of how inexpensive they are. I wouldn’t recommend them if you wanted to take off all your makeup completely or if you like a heavy base and eye, but for a quickly removal they are fine.

The Verdict:

Cetaphil wins, because they tick more of my boxes being inexpensive and easily accessible and do the job just fine if you are in need of quick cleanse. If you are in the need of a little luxury on a long haul flight then I would pay a little extra for the Ole Wipes as they do take your make up off a little better and make you feel like you are treating yourself.

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