Beauté Review: Ella Baché Sun Care and Tan

December 18, 2015
ella bache

Ella Baché Great 50+ Sportsbloc Active $44.00 and Great Tan Without Sun $40 available from

I have made a pact with myself that this is the summer that I wont get burnt because it’s really not worth it. You remember how your parents used to say ‘It will all end in tears’  well that’s how I feel about tanning and sunburn.

A couple of my UV ray combatting faves are from Ella Baché the new chevron packaging had me at ‘hello honey’ and the product inside is just as great! I’ve been using the 50+ Sports block everyday in some way or another and the gradual tanner on my legs and arms after the shower 2-3 times a week which has been giving me a hint of colour.

My top places to apply sunscreen day-to-day when you’re not at the beach:

  • Back of my neck, I was running errands the other day with my hair in a top-knot I had no idea my neck was being burnt.
  • Hands and feet, hands especially show signs of aging fast
  • Lips try to find a lip with SPF
  • Face obviously, let’s get rid of this myth that sun screen breaks you out, it doesn’t if you invest in a good quality facial sun screen
  • Shoulders, if you’re putting on a sleeveless top in the morning just pop some sunscreen on your shoulders when you put it on your face.

I hope that you my lovely readers will join me in the pact of not frying your skin this summer and enjoy the good times without getting burnt.

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