April 26, 2015

Blinc Mascara Amplified $35.95 Lash Primer $35.95 and Brow Mouse $35.95 all available from

Blinc was revolutionary in the mascara game, they were the first company to bring tube mascara to the world. What is a ‘Tube Mascara’? The formula coats each lash as normal and when you are ready to take your make up off simply apply a little warm water along with some gentle pressure, and the tubes easily slide of your lashes. You will actually see the tiny tubes on your fingers or in the basin.

This mascara is brilliant! It give great lift and definition to your lashes without lots of clump. The wand is a classic bristle brush which in my opinion is the best type of wand to give your lashes length and volume. Lash primer has never been on my radar, my lashes are naturally blonde but also quite long and full and with mascara alone I get a full lash look. If you regularly use lash primers the Blinc primer is comparable to the new Lancome primer in application and results, so check it out.

Brows have been big news for the past 2 years and I’ve changed my brow routine upwards of 4 times in the recent months. Brow mouse or gel is a brow staple always, whether it is applied after powdering in my brows to add definition or on its own for a fuss free makeup look. I just cant get enough of this Blinc Brow Mouse. It is not as full on as Benefit’s ‘Gimme brow’ but does give more pay off than Maybelline’s ‘Brow drama’.

On an end note can we just admire the Blinc packaging for a minute, isn’t it perfection? If you haven’t tried or heard Blinc products check them out, you will up your mascara game by a million!

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