Red Earth ‘Facial tanning serum’ Review

March 10, 2015
Red Earth Facial Tanning Serum $40.00 available from
Were you a 90’s kid? Do you remember the Red Earth line of make up in Esprit whilst spending all your pocket money at your local mall? Well if you do then you’ll be as excited as I was to learn Red Earth is back! The new and improved Red Earth is launching very soon throughout David Jones stores nation wide, but I was lucky enough to try out a few products for review over the past week.
The surprising favourite of the bunch was the Facial Tanning Serum, I am completely obsessed and it has been giving me a faux-glow that has been fooling people I’m back from a tropical island holiday.
Best thing about the serum is that it is scent free, no stench of apricot biscuit that lingers for hours that you get wafts of whilst trying to reply to emails at work. To apply the serum I’ve been using 3 pumps of the serum onto a cotton pad and lightly sweeping it across my face, neck and ears…do not forget the ears! The best time I have found to apply the serum is when you have a couple of spare hours to be makeup free, Sunday morning house cleaning and laundry time or during my Thursday Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Scandal Tim-Tams and tea sesh. The tan lasts a couple of days and wears off completely evenly, so don’t be scared of having a patchy fake tan nose.
The only thing I’m really annoyed with is that I wish I had this product in my life sooner!
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Red Earth Facial Tanning Serum $40.00 available from
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