Brightening vitamin C packed night skin care routine

May 11, 2015
night time skincare post

In the southern hemisphere winter is approaching, it’s that time of year when skin starts to look a little dull and needs some brightening. The best way of brightening skin tone is to incorporate Vitamin C into your skin care routine, below is the 5 step routine I’ve been following and products which have been brightening up my skin going into the winter months.

Step 1: Cleansing Oil

New to the cleansing oil game, previously I would use cream or gel cleanser to wash off my make up which I now know is a big skin care no no. The Coast to Coast Cleansing Oil lifts make up off your skin without the need to rub or irritate your eyes no matter how much liquid liner or lash glue you’re wearing. The scent is super relaxing, if that makes sense?! Often I breath in the scent when taking my make up off before bed it is a herbal scent that just makes me feel ready to relax.

Step 2: Cleansing Wipes

I do not advocate using makeup wipes to remove make up, that is not what I use this amazing product for. After cleansing I wipe one of the cleansing cloths over my face this is my version of using a ‘toner’ in a traditional sense. The clean truth wipes are packed with Vitamin c, CoQ10, Micro Algae, blackcurrant oil which all work together to brighten the skin. These are also a must have for me on flights to freshen up whilst being in the air.

Step 3: Eye Cream

Eye creams are often the most pricey item in your skin care routine and after parting with a lot of cash for a little pot of cream they often do not deliver results that reflect the price. This Ella Baché eye cream however has been doing something for me, the first thing I noticed is that my concealer wasn’t creasing as much though out the day. The next thing I noticed was my under eyes were plumper which is a good thing btw. $90.00 is quite pricey for a little pot of cream but if you are in the market for a new eye cream and can afford to splurge then this is a great product.

Step 4 : Serum

Serums are the hero’s of any skin care routine they’re packed with the most potent and concerntrated ingredients. This is where you can tailor your skin care routine to target different skin issues dryness, pigmentation or brightening. The Ultraceuticals ultra C10+ firming serum is the creme de la creme of brightening boosting in the serum world, since using it I have seen a noticable overall evening of my skin tone and brighter overall radiance. My only tip is that its best to wash your hands after applying because it is so potent the scent can linger on your hands. I highly reccomend this serum if you are in the market for a brightening night serum to perk up dull skin tone.

Step 5 : Moisturise

I love love love this night cream, I can tell if I have skipped a night of not using it because my skin the next morning isn’t as plump or hydrated and my make up doesn’t sit as well on my skin. (Willow) Bark Extract and Chamomilla Flower Extract help mend dark spots from old blemishes and spots which I suffer from most in terms of skin concerns, my skin isn’t break out prone but if I get a spot the redness lasts for weeks after it’s gone. So annoying. ‘Whitening’ products are very popular in asian countries which can be a bit off-putting having the word ‘white’ in the product name but it in context of the asian market place it usually just means brightening.


Ole Henriksen the clean truth cleansing cloths brightening $22.00 available from

Coast to Coast pore purifying cleansing oil $39.95 available from

Ella Baché eternal restructuring eye cream $90.00 available from

Ultraceuticals Ultra C10+ firming serum $106.00 available from

Jurlique purely white skin brightening night cream $79.00 available from

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