Hair products that prolong the lifespan of your blow dry

May 14, 2015
Beaute Gazette hair products

Newsflash, I have gone from a ‘I must wash my hair daily or it becomes a grease moneky‘ to being to wash my hair every three days!

If you wash you wash your hair errrday and its becoming a chore, keep reading to find out which products extend the lifespan of my blow dry.

My first tip is to apply a volume or shape holding product to towel dried hair before you blow dry, focus the product on your roots and mid lengths as this is where you will first notice your hair getting greasy and flat. If however you have longer hair and like to curl the ends then take the product right through to the tips. Evo’s Shape Vixen has been the product that I have been reaching for, I use a pea size amount and find that once blow dried through my hair it is undetectable, no crunch or heavy stickiness can be felt.

After blow drying your hair well, and I mean really well none of this just doing the fringe or front section and letting the ends air dry, air dried hair tends to oil up faster. Using a large round bristle brush give yourself a proper blow dry, I know this is tedious and time-consuming but it is saving time in the long run because you wont need to wash your hair for 3 more days!!!!

Next attack with dry shampoo, focusing on your front section and the hair near your neck to create volume. I prefer using dry shampoo as a preventative rather than a quick fix to already greasy hair. For me dry shampoo that is over $10 a can is out of my price range as I go through it so quickly, Pantene averages at $8.00 per can and $4.50 when its on super special which is amazing! I use the original fresh all over and then the volume booster just on the crown of my head because it is really full on, once I’ve felt that there is a sufficient amount of dry shampoo in my hair ( a lot!) brush it through.

Most days I don’t heat style any further than this, but if I add a wave using hot tongs or some GHD texture I’ll use a hair spray to give a little hold. I never spray directly into my hair however, the best way to keep movement to hair and not become a helmet head is to spray the hairspray into your hands and then run your fingers through the waves or curls. Toni and Guy Casual Rough Texturiser gives just enough hold for me, and doesn’t give you crunchy ends.

What are your favourite styling products that extend the life of your blow dry or save you time in your morning routine?


Evo Shape Vixen $26.96 available from

Pantene Dry Shampoo in Original Fresh and Volume Boost $9.95 available from

Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser $15.95 available from

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