The best PODCASTS for women you need to subscribe to right now

September 23, 2015

My friends are completely sick of hearing the words ‘I’m listening to this great podcast’ and ‘OMG have you heard the (insert podcast name here) podcast yet?’ come out of my mouth.  If you, like me cannot get enough of binge podcast listening and LOL’ing to yourself on public transport or at the gym to hilarious and super interesting podcasts then this is the post is for you or on the flip side if  you are a podcast newbie and are interested in podcasts but don’t know where to start then here is my best of podcast list specifically for women.

Serial isn’t included in the list but you NEED to listen to Serial.


Call Your Girlfriend (C.Y.G)  // Subscribe and Listen to Call Your Girlfriend Here

C.Y.G is a podcast for long distance besties everywhere, each ep is between 20-45mins long and is a weekly phone call between Ann Freidman and Aminatou Sow who live on opposite sides of America. Their conversations cover Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the beauty of caftans, menstruation news, Kimye, Pitbull, Hillary Rodham Clinton, casual racism, emoji, straight people, California, rom-coms, Lorde lipstick, and so much more.


Throwing Shade // Subscribe and Listen to Throwing Shade HERE

Throwing Shade was the podcast that popped my podcast cherry, it takes a weekly look at all the issues important to ladies and gays. Whilst listening to Throwing Shade I have choked on water from sudden fits of laughter, it is phenom. I do not miss an episode.



Mammamia Out Loud // Subscribe and listen to Mammamia Out Loud on iTunes HERE

I dip in and out of the Mammamia Out Loud podcast, my love/hate relationship with this podcast frustrates me to no end. As refreshing as it is to hear female Australian accents and opinions on topics, the panel can sometimes come off a little strained. My most liked episodes are when politics and current events are covered there are a few cringe elements of the podcast like ‘What are all the cool kids saying’ which is just nails down a chalkboard ‘Mum-core’. But definitely worth listening to if you are a Mammamia reader.


Oh Boy by Man Repeller // Subscribe and listen to Oh Boy on iTunes HERE

The freshest of the podcast recommendations ‘Oh Boy’ is only in its 5th ep, but I am a regular listener already. Filmmaker Jay Buim talks with influential and inspiring women in the arts, tech, fashion, beauty and beyond about their back story and how and why they do what they do.



Mystery Show // Subscribe and Listen to Mystery Show on iTunes HERE

Starlee Kine investigates mysteries that cannot be solved by the internet! It is pure listening escapism, this is a very light-hearted journey of a podcast. Starlee has an adorable mannerisms on the show and I love listening to hear wild story telling each week.

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