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May 28, 2015


YouTube is a playground for the beauty obsessed with 1000’s of channels to choose from whatever your beauty curiosity, my subscription feed is constantly filled with new tutorials, vlogs, favourites and new product videos. So I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of my favourite YouTubers and the reasons why I love watching their videos:

Lisa from Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is the kween of YouTube in my eyes, she was a well established makeup artist before starting her channel and she is currently the international creative director of Lancome and her videos have been less frequent but very much thumbs up’d when they hit my subscription feed. Her calm voice is so relaxing to listen to and everything that comes out of her mouth is makeup gospel.

Harry from Harry makes it up

Harry is one of my more recent YouTube obsessions, she is a makeup artist and she does amazing wearable tutorials of makeup looks that you actually want to wear. The above ‘Olsen twins look’ is one of my faves to try to recreate at the moment. I love watching how she uses products with a less is more approach, she also mixes a lot of high and affordable products which is so much more relatable.

Anna from Vivianna does makeup

I have never met Anna but from watching ALL of her videos I get the feeling she is a real sweetie, she is extremely likeable and we both are still mourning the loss of the Jemma Kidd highlighter like it was a childhood pet. Her vlogs made me pull out my cobweb covered running shoes and start running again and I love how she gets into a bit of lounge room yoga.

Karima from Shameless Fripperies

Shout out to Karima, I have met her at a few beauty events and she is as gorgeous in real life as she is in her videos. Karima is amazing at product recommendations for new or cult brands like Koh Gen Go and I have a Kevin Aucoin obsession because of her.

Mary from The Another Girls Life

I love Mary, she is 100% real and genuine and watching her videos I think ‘if we met we would totally be friends’. Her videos are a mix of favourites, tutorials and real talk vlogs about her life all of which feature her great sense of humour. She also loves a 90’s brown lip which I am loving right now.

Here is a lil’ bit of post script on my opinion on this recent Print v’s digital war which has been throwing shade around the beauty world at the moment:

Within the beauty media industry there has been some resistance from traditional media outlets on why online youtube or blogs have been given so much attention over the past year. To put it simply a print magazine circulation is approx 80.000 to 150,000 units per month (this is within Australia) advertisers will traditionally place an ad within a magazine to get exposure to this audience. A high quality likeable beauty youtube channel which has 1,000,000 subscribers which makes 4 videos per month with an average 250,000 views per video that features a product placed and paid for by a company as an advertisement will be able to have a larger and more targeted audience for their product to be featured. This works the same for blogs and digital beauty outlets, is there a place for both in terms of how people like to get information? Hell yes! If consistantly likeable content is being made from print or digital a reader or viewer will be loyal.






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  • Reply Madeleine | The Daily Mark June 12, 2015 at 8:18 am

    LOVED these picks and also loved your thoughts on digital and print media each having their place. YouTube marathon is now on the agenda for tonight! x

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