Positive body image and empowering mantras by StyleLikeU

June 25, 2015

I had a really bad experience recently in the change rooms of H&M the lighting was awful and I gasped at the size my thighs looked ‘OMG are they really that big?’ They are huge….eeewwwww’ Afterwards I went directly to the food court and cried over 3 fresh still warm cinnamon dounts and a bubble tea, trying to convince myself it was the mirror and the lighting. When I got home I was so angry at myself for having such horrible thoughts about my body, the body which helps me everyday, which is the only true possession, that I love and it loves me right back. So what if my thighs are bigger than a size 8,10 or 12, they are mine!  That night I discovered StyleLikeU on YouTube, a website and channel founded in 2009 by a mother, Elisa, and her daughter, Lily. ‘Elisa and Lily decided to combat fashion’s top-down ideology that you need to be “on trend” in order to be “in fashion” and that you need to change yourself physically in order to be beautiful.’  The videos are so refreshingly amazing to watch, women talk about their bodies and beauty in a way that is not self deprecating and hurtful.

Since that horrible day in the light of a H&M change room I have been living by the StyleLikeU mantra and manifesto and I have never felt better:


-Be aware of how marketing affects you.
-Don’t wish to be someone else.
-You are your best editor.
-Beauty is confidence.
-Your imperfections make you you.
-Vulnerability is strength.
-Trendiness is not style.
-Dress for yourself.
-Question your assumptions
-Don’t limit yourself to boxes and labels.
-Life is not a dress rehearsal
-Style cannot be bought
-Indifference is not cool
-Style is political.

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